Friday, May 17, 2013

Does something smell?

Maybe you all should get a "Scentsy"....

My friend Alanna recently underwent a mastectomy and chemotherapy for breast cancer at the ripe ol' age of 25. She is doing great and has kept this amazing positive attitude throughout the entire process which has been quite inspirational and impressive. Now that she is in recovery and waiting out the time before she can get back into riding horses she has come up with a new life goal: get a Cardi baby! (A horse baby, and that is as far as my knowledge about it goes). Apparently horses, especially baby horses are expensive. To financially help her with this goal a friend of hers is holding Scentsy fundraiser that we all can participate in. Haven't heard of Scentsy? Well unfortunately I won't be much help there either, but I believe the website tells you what you need to know. Basically its an alternative to burning a candle which is much safer and also super cute. If you'd like to read about Alanna's adventures and look at her beautiful pictures, visit her blog here:

If you'd like to support Alanna's goals of having a Cardi baby, there are two ways:
1. Scentsy fundraiser through May 24th,
2. Go Fund Me (a website which allows monetary donations towards a goal):

Thanks Alanna for being so brave for all of us during your most difficult days. You're an awesome friend to have.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

No, you're not dreaming

This is a blog post, by Laura.

I've been avoiding writing a post for some time. You know that saying "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all"? Well, that is why I haven't written. You see, with everything in life there is good and bad. Sometimes the bad is more memorable than the good. Sometimes you just want to complain and be grumpy. I don't want to share those things with you though, you deserve to hear about all of the wonderful adventures I've had in the past several months. And there have been some many great adventures.

Since I don't when I'll get around to telling in depth stories, this will have to do.

New Zealand: Beautiful. Lonely.

Being a new vet: Exhilarating. Saddening.

True "days off", not having to study, spending time with Tanzi: Joy. Restlessness.

Life is a lot of things. I feel very blessed to have such a wonderful life, and that my biggest problem is not really a problem at all.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Best news ever

I passed the NAVLE, which is the national board exam!

January 31st, you can call me Laura kimmell, DVM


Friday, January 11, 2013

Heaps of photos!

Follow the link.